Get Notified Instantly on Prices in the Crypto Market

Cryptocurrency is often dubbed as the money of the future. Cryptocurrency involves internet-based transactions. There is no central authority involved. Also, the transaction processing fee is minimal, unlike in traditional financial institutions. It is a decentralized system with transparency. 2 people can send/receive cryptocurrencies through keys (private/public). Just like regular currency, there are different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many more. Why does one need an app to get crypto alerts?

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new concept. Although there have been previous attempts to establish digital currency, this is the first time it has worked. In the short period, it has been in the market, cryptocurrency has shown great volatility. Sudden price fluctuations are common. For example, in a mere 3-month period between October 2017 and January 2018, the bitcoin price showed volatility of 8%. The volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market is driven by many factors.

get the cryptocurrency price alerts

Prices are influenced by negative news about cryptocurrency. When there are headlines about a government’s plan to regulate cryptocurrency or bankruptcy of certain investors, it tends to scare other investors. Another prominent reason for the volatility is a security breach. The news of a cryptocurrency being hacked or stolen sways the market prices.

It is because of factors like this, traders and investors avail services to get the cryptocurrency price alerts. There are several ways to get alerts – through emails, messages or any mobile app of your choice. When you use an app to get crypto alerts, you can invest more carefully in a volatile market. Awara is a notification app to get the cryptocurrency price alerts. It can be used by Bitcoin investors and for other cryptocurrencies too. The user will get instant alerts on their devices every day. The app can be used by Android and iOS users.

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