rising number of depressions in Germany

The Implication of Coronavirus on Mental Health

As the Novel Coronavirus has engulfed people all around the world, it is inducing a high degree of fear, worry, and concern amongst countries. We are witnessing a rising number of depressions in Germany. People get anxiety attacks, and they are unable to cope up with the unforeseen situation.

The main psychological implication of the Coronavirus is that it elevates the rate of anxiety and depression amongst people who already suffer from hypertension or related conditions.

rising number of depressions in Germany

Impact of Covid-19 on the mental health of children

Children are facing lots of disruption in their regular lives. There is a rising number of depressions in Germany, especially among children who are not old enough to understand the situation. For them, the virus is acting as a punishment. They can’t meet their friends, they can’t indulge in sports, and they are not allowed to go to school. Most children are afraid, they feel neglected, and thus, they are more prone to increase in the level of anger and a feeling of being dejected. In this case, parents, as well as the community, should try to pay attention to the mental health of kids, and they should participate in the day to day activities with them.

rising number of depressions in Germany

Impact of Coronavirus on elderly

Elderly people don’t spend too much time socializing even in the usual day to day life. But the social distancing has made even their little social life in distress. In addition to this, since the elderly are more susceptible to corona infection, they are kept under many reviews. Thus most elderly are prone to depression and hypertension.

Coronavirus is not going to leave us soon. But, it’s time to take care of physical as well as mental health. Because of the rising number of depressions in Germany, governments, as well as different organizations, are taking precautions and are framing policies. It’s time to fight this dreadful situation together. Take care of your health, and stay safe!

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