best hair color

Why You Always Use the Best Color for Hair Coloring

Hair coloring or dying is an art. You might be coloring your hair frequently in your home, but it’s for a simple reason to temporarily turn your greying hair into black. Aging is an irreversible natural phenomenon that turns your lush black hair into grey or white. But there is a temporary solution to this problem through the hair colors available in the market. Hair color or dyes are widely sold in the Indian market, usually in black, brown, and copper shades. Several domestic and international brands have launched a range of their products.

best hair color

Natural vs. professional hair coloring

Indian tradition believes in the coloring of grey hair with the natural henna application. Henna paste application gives a cooling effect to your scalp, but it turns your hair orangish in color. However, a paste made by mixing henna, shikakai, and tea or coffee provide a blackish tinge to your hair. You want the best hair color, and you can get it through professional hair color treatment. 

Essential factors to color your hair

You can use any of the black, brown, or copper shade in hair color, but an ordinary color is no right for your hair strength. The best hair color is always recommended for natural-looking and harmless hair color treatment. The following factors are essential to consider when you color your hair.

best hair color
  • Try to identify your natural hair color from the roots, which is the most crucial factor for the right hair coloration.
  • You do a skin test before using any hair color because most peroxide/developer colors are known to cause skin allergy.
  • Choose the color based on the percentage of your grey hair.
  • Choosing hair color based on your hair thickness is also important.
  • Determine your hair porosity to ensure how the hair will accept the color.

Wrap up

Remember, the best hair color is essential for hair coloring’s excellent results without harming the skin.

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